The birth of this charming address for your holidays on the island of Ré originates from a lovely story between a grandchild and his grandmother.

As a child, spending holidays at my grandmother’s house, on her beloved island, was always an enchanting time for me. As an adult, I decided to settle here with my family and enjoy the wonderful life Ré has to offer year-round.

When I took over the Clos de l’Airmorin property, it became evident that it would bear my grandmother’s name, as homage to her love for the place, her eye for beautiful things and her skills at welcoming people warmly and making them feel at home. My wife Caroline and I wished to create a place where one could relax in a comfortable and peaceful setting. So in the summer of 2003, after two years of hard work, we opened the Résidence Andréa in the heart of the whimsical village of La Flotte-en-Ré.

Whether they come as a family, a couple or with friends, we have been welcoming guests ever since, and have enjoyed seeing them fall in love with the island and build many happy memories here...

So don’t hesitate to come visit us at Résidence Andréa and enjoy the Ré way of life!

Yours Sincerely,

Dominic & Caroline  Berjon, Owners

Résidence Andréa Ile de Ré  Locations de vacances
Clos de l’Airmorin
17630 La Flotte Ile de Ré,
Charente Maritime, Nouvelle Aquitaine, France.