Staying in our rentals, typical of the île de Ré fashion and architecture, will let you enjoy life on the island in a completely independent and autonomous way during your spa and cure treatments.

Stay at Résidence ANDREA, in one of our 10 cosy, comfortable and independent rentals, while enjoying salt water cures and spa treatments at the many well-being centres located on the island.

Relax in a natural, beautiful setting

You will find two centres near the Résidence ANDREA, both highly-ranked and state-of-the-art hydrotherapy facilities

The  RICHELIEU Thalasso & Spa île de Ré  

Located half a mile from the Résidence

Facing the ocean and overlooking the beautiful bay of la Flotte- en –Ré, the Richelieu Hotel’s spa provides you with personalised and high-quality treatments. Enjoy the peaceful, quiet and luxurious atmosphere this place offers.

To book or for more information, please call +33 5 46 09 60 70.

(Avenue de la Plage 17630 La Flotte en Ré) 
Decouvrez les soins spa et hydromarin en ouvrant la e-brochure de cette Thalassothérapie.

The Relais Thalasso île de Ré

Located 3 km away from the Résidence

Facing the wild and beautiful south coast of the island in Sainte Marie de Ré, the Relais Thalasso spreads over 5 hectares and has direct access to the ocean. Enjoy cures and treatments by professionals whose only goal is to help you relax and take care of you.

To book or for more information, please call +33 5 46 30 22 44

Download the brochures of the Relais Thalasso Île de Ré